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The Future of Energy
Green Hydrogen - From Vision to Action
EU-GCC Cooperation on Green Transition
A project funded by the European Union

Oman's Vision: Leading the Green Hydrogen Revolution

Green Hydrogen plays a pivotal role in the journey to clean energy and Oman has gone further than most in placing Green Hydrogen front and centre in its decarbonisation strategy. 

The BIGGEST Hydrogen event in MENA

GHSO 2023 is the largest Green Hydrogen event in the MENA region. Global decision makers in policy, finance, tech and industry will come together for discussions geared towards driving economies of the future and advancing energy solutions that can sustainably meet the energy demands of our growing population.


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Conference themes

  • Global H₂ Review
  • Oman’s Green Hydrogen Mission: From Vision to Action
  • The challenge: Hydrogen production at scale
  • Green Hydrogen Markets
  • Hydrogen Supply Chain
  • Policies, regulations & certification
  • The role of hydrogen in the energy trilemma
  • In-country value: Hydrogen driving a green economy
  • Green financing
  • Sustainable H₂ mobility: Auto shipping & aviation
  • Green Hydrogen innovation and start ups

Student Exclusive Offer

Special Offer to Attend Green Hydrogen Summit Oman

Drive business growth, attract new customers and connect with global experts
Action-packed and vibrant, the GHSO exhibition attracts energy decision-makers, industry experts, potential customers, media and offers an opportunity to generate widespread visibility. It serves as a powerful platform to showcase technology and promote solutions for sustainable energy. Through effective branding and presentation, exhibitions enhance brand recognition, build trust, and create a lasting impression.
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Event Info

Date: 12th - 14th December 2023
Location: Muscat, Oman

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